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5 Must-Try Types of Lube

5 Must-Try Types of Lube

by Team Champ - October 04, 2022

We can’t overstate the power of quality lube. Not only does it make for more comfortable sex, but exploring different types of lube with your partner (or with yourself!) is a great way of introducing something fun and new to the bedroom. From plant-based to flavored, there’s a wide, wet world of lube types to explore.

So if you’re wondering which lubes to try, you’ve come to the right place. Journey with us as we review some of the top must-try lube types. 

Is Lube Really That Important? 

In short, absolutely. Just about every form of sex can be improved with lube. From fingering to penetration to oral, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a form of play that can’t be enhanced by some added slip. Why? The body can’t always produce enough lubrication to accommodate comfortable sex, which is completely normal. And since lube reduces uncomfortable friction, it allows you to go harder for longer.

Lube is your friend, so don’t be afraid to incorporate it into different types of sex. For example, adding lube underneath a condom can help increase sensitivity. To up your oral game, try introducing a flavored lube for a new and interesting sensation. If you want a more intense fingering experience, add some lube to your fingers to amp up the pleasure. When masturbating, using lube can also make solo sessions more pleasurable with less unwanted friction. 

Lube Categories To Know

Most lube falls under one of the three major formula categories. Let’s get to know each of these formulations, along with their unique pro’s and con’s. 


Lubes with a water-based formula are great for sensitive skin or those who are allergic to ingredients found in other lube formulations. Another perk is that water-based lube is generally safe to use on sex toys and latex condoms. One downside of water-based lube is that they’re more likely to dry out quicker than other lube types. That’s because your body absorbs water, so you’ll need to re-apply water-based lube from time to time. 


If you’re looking for long-lasting slip, silicone-based lube is a great option. This lube formulation tends to be thicker and more viscous, so you won’t have to worry about reapplying it as much in the middle of the action. However, while these lubes are compatible with latex condom, certain sex toys cannot be used with silicone-based lube. Particularly, silicone-based lube can degrade the surface of sex toys made of soft materials like silicone.

Whether you decide to go with a water-based or silicone-based lube, we’ve got you covered. Champ’s quality lubes are specially formulated for enhanced comfort and pleasure. 


While some believe that oil-based lube can be used for sex like other major lube types, this isn’t true. The main benefit of using oil-based lube in the bedroom is to enhance intimacy through massage. However, you should avoid using oil-based lube internally. That’s because the body has a hard time cleaning out oil. And when it comes to sex toys, oil-based lube can be very difficult to remove without using harsh cleaners that contain chemicals. Also, remember to never use oil-based lube on latex condoms, as they’ll cause the condom’s surface to degrade and break down. 

5 Must-Try Types of Lube

1.   Flavored

A great way of adding something new and exciting to your sex life is experimenting with flavored lube. The right flavored lube can be a game-changer in the oral arena. How? Enhancing the experience of giving and receiving oral with a flavorful lube can help increase the intensity and duration of oral sex.

Remember to always check out the ingredients and recommended uses of your flavored lube. You’ll find that some flavored lubes contain sugar, and therefore aren’t meant to be used on genitals. That’s because sugar can cause infections, which is never fun. Try finding a sugar-free or water-based flavored lube that’s safe for both internal and external use.

2.   Temperature-Changing

Whether you want to heat things up or enjoy a cooling sensation, temperature-changing lubes have you covered. Warming lubes usually contain glycerol or glycerin which give off a tingly, warming sensation. When it comes to cooling lubes, most of them use menthol to create a cooling feeling. The sensory experience that these lubes add can heighten pleasure during foreplay and sex. Some people even experience more intense orgasms when using temperature-changing lube. However, remember to check the ingredient list for sugars like glycerol or glycerin which can cause infections if used internally.

Always check in with yourself and your partner when experimenting with a new warming or cooling lube. Everyone’s body is different, and some people find the temperature-changing sensation too intense or irritating. And please contact your doctor if you’re experiencing any uncomfortable or painful reaction to your lubricant.

3.   Plant-Based

If you’re looking for a more natural lube option, plant-based lubes are a must-try. These tend to be formulated with aloe vera, and are often used by those with allergies or sensitivities to other lubes. This means you can enjoy some added slip without potentially irritating ingredients.

As always, check the ingredients of your plant-based lube before using it. Some plant-based lubes contain oil, which isn’t safe for internal use. These oils can also make sex toys difficult to clean.

4.   Moisturizing 

If you’re looking for a lube that goes beyond reducing friction during sex, moisturizing lube could be a fantastic option for you. With many moisturizing lubes containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, these lubes provide continued hydration to the genitals. 

Most moisturizing lubes have a water-based formula, but it’s important to check your lube’s ingredients list for oil or silicone. That way, you’re properly informed before you try to use them internally or on your sex toys.

5.   Anal

For anal sex, lube is non-negotiable. Since the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, anal penetration can be very uncomfortable or even painful without lubrication. Always make sure that you and your partner are comfortable and safe—especially when it comes to your first-time with anal sex. You’ll need a thick lube to help you both ease into the experience. 

The specific type of lube you’ll want to use is different depending on the type of anal play. For example, if you’re using silicone toys, use a water-based lube to avoid degrading the toys. If you’re not using toys for penetration, silicone-based lubes are great for long-lasting comfort.

Just Remember, Lube Is Your Friend

Always remember that lube is your friend in the bedroom. It’s normal to need extra lubrication to make for more comfortable, pleasurable sex. We hope you’ll make the search for your next go-to lube a fun experience for you and your partner. 

Whatever lubricant, condom or sex toy you choose to use in the bedroom is up to you, but remember to check the labels and ingredient lists to ensure compatibility.