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The Huddle

Blue Flourish

Champ’s modern take on Sex Ed, plus some ruminations on other ways of living your best life, even when clothed.

Champ-ioning MVP Level SexChamp-ioning MVP Level Sex

Champ-ioning MVP Level Sex

Wanna up your game in the bedroom? Let’s take our cue from champion athletes and break down a few of the ingredients to help you be your partner’s GOAT.

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A Word About Our SafetyA Word About Our Safety

A Word About Our Safety

Your safety is our job. Literally. Learn a little more about the safety protocols that go into our products.

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The History of CondomsThe History of Condoms

The History of Condoms

King Minos of Crete is one of the earliest recorded users of the condom (a goat’s bladder, if you were wondering).

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107 Facts about STIs107 Facts about STIs

107 Facts about STIs

Get smart about the most common sexually transmitted infections in fewer stats than stitches around a baseball.

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