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Meet Champ.

Blue Flourish

We think good sex is better when you have the best gear.

Champ Shipping Box

Like you, we like nice things. Champ products fit handsomely in your self-care lineup.

Seamless ordering

Seamless ordering

Discreet packaging

Discreet packaging

Top-quality products

Top-quality products

History of Champ

The bottom line: nobody likes buying condoms.

Sifting through neon condom boxes promising Max Ecstacy in the drugstore is uncomfortable. And buying them from unverified online re-sellers doesn’t feel great.

For too long, second-rate purchasing options have kept people from getting the sex health products they need. We’re here to change that.

Who are we? Some guys who, just like you, thought existing methods of buying condoms and lube sucked.

To us, prioritizing health and wellness in all areas of your life is important, and that includes your sex life. In fact, we think it’s something to be proud of.

That’s why we created Champ. No awkward cashier conversations, and no wondering what hot warehouse your products sat in before they got to you. Just premium, clean-label sex health products delivered straight to your door.

It’s common sense and, somehow, revolutionary.

History of Champ
Champ Prophylactics

What's in a name?

Champ Prophylactics debuted on shelves in the 1950s and made a statement in a taboo category. They used the likeness of professional athletes (believed by many to resemble Ted Williams and Jack Dempsey) to pull eyes towards their packaging when other brands were hiding*. ​Champ’s competitive spirit and willingness to be different inspired us. We're following in the footsteps of the original Champs by challenging category conventions in a different manner today.

*Condom ads were illegal until 1977 when the Supreme Court overturned the law prohibiting them.

Champ™ is a fan of – but not affiliated with the now inoperative Champ Prophylactics, their former parent company National Hygienic Products Corp, nor any athletes depicted on their packaging.

Our Playbook

We’re here to emphasize the adult part of adult behavior.

Privacity is our priority

Privacy is our priority—we ship sex stuff straight to you in discreet unmarked boxes.

Condom partners

We sought out the world’s best manufacturers of condoms and lubes, and we’re proud to call them our partners.

Self care

We prioritize a transparent, three-step supply chain. Products ship from our trusted factories to our fulfillment center to you - no resellers.

No BPA or spermicide

No BPA or spermicide here—our products are made with clean, premium ingredients.