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5 Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina

5 Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina

by Team Champ - June 28, 2022

Sexual stamina is so much more than how long you can last in bed—it’s also about having the physical fitness and vigor to take your game to a whole new level.

While knowing how to pace yourself can be important, let’s dispel the myth that lasting longer is all that sexual stamina is good for. After all, there’s a lot to be said about a good quickie. Whether you want to take the fun into extra innings or enjoy a quick romp, sexual stamina can be the difference between okay sex and mind-blowing sex. Stick around to find out what can cause low sexual stamina, and how to train for the long game. 

What Causes Low Sexual Stamina?

If you experience low or inconsistent sexual stamina, you’re not alone. The reasons behind decreased sexual stamina are varied and can affect anybody. Here are a few common factors that get in the way of lasting longer: 

  • Mental Health - Desire starts in the brain. So if you’re suffering from anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, or just going through a stressful time, your sexual stamina may be affected. 
  • Conditions & Illnesses - A combination of chemical, psychological, and hormonal issues can contribute to premature ejaculation and other kinds of sexual dysfunction.
  • Lifestyle -  How are you with exercise, drinking, smoking, and healthy eating? Poor physical health can make it much harder to keep things going in the bedroom. 
  • Age - Decreased sexual stamina is a normal part of aging. As you get older, testosterone levels naturally decrease gradually, often resulting in lower sexual performance.

The good news is that there are tons of effective methods for increasing sexual stamina. Problems with sexual stamina are common and can happen at different stages of life. After all, we all age, get sick, and have lower mental health days from time to time. Our modern understanding of sexual wellness meets people where they are with effective, actionable treatments to increase sexual stamina. 

5 Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

Masturbate Regularly

This is your official green light to play it solo more often. Masturbating regularly can help release more sexual tension on an ongoing basis, which means sex with a partner won’t push you over the edge as quickly. You could also try masturbating a few hours before you plan on having sex. After ejaculating, men enter a recovery phase called the refractory period. This resting phase is why men need a quick break before going for round two.  

The key is to use this recovery phase to your advantage. If you masturbate a couple of hours before sex with a partner, it will likely take your body a little longer to reach climax again. The refractory period can last anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. That’s why it’s important to test the waters and see what time frame works best for you.

Even while masturbating, you can’t forget about lube. For long-lasting comfort and pleasure while playing it solo, Champ’s Silicone-Based Lubricant is a must-try option.

Work on Your Cardio

Hitting the treadmill could lead to hitting more home runs in the bedroom. Like any other physical activity, sex requires endurance and good cardiovascular health. Incorporating regular cardio exercises into your routine will be the gift that gives on giving. Not only will it help with your overall health, but it will help you go all-out with your partner.

A good rule of thumb is to work in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity—or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise—every week. Brisk walking, jogging, jump roping, or rowing are all great examples of activities you can incorporate into your day-to-day life. Consider it a sexual conditioning routine to ensure you bring your A-game to the bedroom.

Take Your Time With Foreplay 

Let’s say it together, foreplay equals more play. Before moving on to the main event, it’s important to take your time. Remember that sex is more than just penetration; slowing things down to kiss and touch your partner will extend the fun and make for better sex overall.

A technique called the stop-start method has been known to help men last longer. This method involves stopping stimulation for a brief period and then resuming once the intensity of the sensations has passed. Not only can this help you and your partner have longer sessions, but it can also open the door to fun exploration. Playing with edging and orgasm control through the start-stop method can lead to bigger and better orgasms in the end. Ultimately, you can’t lose when it comes to more foreplay.

Try Pelvic Floor Exercises 

We all have a pelvic floor, so you should get to know yours. For both men and women, pelvic floor exercises—sometimes called kegels—can do wonders for your sexual stamina. But what is the pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is a network of muscles that covers the base of the pelvis, and it holds great influence over your sexual and reproductive health. These muscles work around the clock to support your spine, bladder, and bowel.

Consistent pelvic floor exercises can strengthen these muscles and make it easier to delay ejaculation. It’s all about developing the right level of control. A few of the exercises you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor include: 

  • Chair Squeezes - Sit in a chair and squeeze the muscles of your penis as if you’re stopping the flow of urine. Hold this for five seconds and release. Repeat this eight to ten times in sets of three to five. 
  • Side Squeezes - Find a comfortable spot on the floor to lay on your side. To keep your legs spread apart, put a pillow between your knees. Then, squeeze your legs together for five seconds. Release and repeat this exercise eight to ten times in three to five sets. 
  • Floor Squeezes - Lay with your back against the floor and bend your knees upward. Next, hold your penis up against your body—pointing towards your chest. Keep your penis there for five seconds before releasing it. Squeeze your anus as if you’re trying to stop a bowel movement for another five seconds. Release and repeat these exercises eight to ten times in three to five sets.

If you experience pelvic pain, decreased bladder control, pain during sex, or urinary discomfort, let your doctor know immediately. They may refer you to a pelvic floor therapist for customized treatment.

Eat Endurance-Friendly Foods

You’ve got to fuel up right for long-lasting action. Luckily, certain foods contain the nutrients needed to build endurance. If you want to last longer with your partner, try some of these endurance-enhancing foods:

  • Apples - Since they contain high levels of an antioxidant flavonoid called quercetin, apples can help increase your physical and sexual endurance.
  • Garlic - Good news for garlic lovers. Eating garlic extract can help stop plaque from forming in the arterial walls of the penis. This leads to stronger blood flow which can help maintain erections. 
  • Spinach - This leafy green is rich in potassium, which helps keep muscles and cells hydrated. Potassium also helps your body recover, which is important for sexual stamina. 
  • Brown Rice - Your body needs more time to break down complex carbs like brown rice, which is why this food can give you energy that lasts.

When it comes to building your sexual stamina, it’s best to take a multi-layered approach. Once you try out different methods, you’ll land on the exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that help you reach long-lasting, pro-level performance.