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7 Things Guys Should Do After Sex

7 Things Guys Should Do After Sex

by Team Champ - July 05, 2023

Have you ever second-guessed your post-sex routine? While many of us focus on what to do before and during sex, what happens after sex is just as important. What you do afterward sets the stage for even more fantastic sex by helping you and your partner stay healthy and ready for action. Stick around as we cover some of the most important after-sex routines that every man should know. 

1.   Enjoy 

First things first, enjoy yourself! At orgasm, your brain triggers a flood of oxytocin and dopamine; this is what makes climax feel so euphoric. Research shows that these higher oxytocin levels can help offset the effects of the “stress hormone” cortisol. That’s why people often feel extra relaxed and at peace after sex. Soak in the stillness and enjoy your partner’s company to make the most of this relaxed feeling. Some couples prefer pillow talk, while others like to cuddle up for a quick nap. No matter what you do, be sure to pause and enjoy the moment. 

2.   Check-in With Your Partner

Having the best sex life possible doesn’t just magically happen; it’s a continuous work in progress that takes open communication. That’s why checking in with your partner and yourself about your sex life is so important. Everyone has personal preferences, so mutually communicating bedroom wins and goals can make the difference between hitting a double or a home run. 

You should definitely wait until you and your partner are clothed, in a comfortable environment (not in bed), and in a calm headspace to have these check-ins. Remember that you’re opening the door for mutual conversation, so be ready to give and receive both positive and constructive feedback. It’s easy to feel defensive about your sexual performance but remember that you can’t bring your A-game to the bedroom without honest communication. While this topic can make you feel vulnerable, know that your partner is likely feeling the same way. Gentle phrasing like, “Next time, it’d be amazing if you…” or, “I loved it when you did…” can help both of you feel seen and heard. 

3.   Clean Up 

As your brain comes down from the post-climax high, you realize that the room where you did the dirty is now just…dirty. Lube stains, used condoms, and a disheveled space don’t make for the sexiest environment. So you and your partner should always do a bit of tidying up after sex. Even if you’re just taking a few minutes to throw some sheets in the wash, pick up clothes, or straighten up the bed, these habits help ensure your space stays ready for the next round. 

If disorganized condom and lube storage makes cleaning up difficult for you, Champ’s Small Dopp Kit offers a space-saving storage solution for all your gear. 

4.   Pee After Sex

You may know that it’s common for women to visit the bathroom to pee after sex. While this healthy habit is most important for women’s shorter urethras, it’s still a smart move for men to pee after sex as well. But why? 

Bacteria, urine, semen, and other fluids enter or exit the urethra during sex and daily life. So the shorter the urethra, the easier it is for bacteria to travel through it, enter the urinary tract, and potentially cause a UTI. That’s why it’s more common for these bacteria to cause UTIs in women than in men. However, it’s still a good habit for men to pee after sex and flush out any lingering bacteria—better safe than sorry.  

5.   Clean Sex Toys

If you or your partner own a sex toy / massager, then you know they weren’t cheap. So taking care of them will help keep your toys buzzing, vibrating, and gyrating for a long time. Caring for your sex toys is also a matter of hygiene. Since these toys are in contact with you or your partner’s most sensitive areas, keeping them clean is crucial for health and safety. We’ll dive into some sex toy cleaning tips, but remember to always thoroughly read and act on your toy’s specific cleaning and storage instructions

Non-porous Materials

It’s commonly recommended to clean toys made of non-porous materials like glass, stainless steel, hard plastic, and silicone, with soap and water. Ensure you get into any (non-electrical) nooks and crannies within your toys to ensure they’re thoroughly cleaned. You may have heard of people using boiling water to clean their sex toys, but this cleaning method isn’t compatible with all non-porous toys. Depending on your toy’s specific instructions, you can let them air dry or use a drying cloth. 

Porous Materials

Porous materials like rubber, cyberskin, nylon, leather, and vinyl tend to be more difficult to clean. Common cleaning methods for porous toys involve using mild soap and water. For more specialized materials like rubber, it’s recommended to avoid chemicals altogether and place a condom on the toys before use. Other materials like leather require specialized cleaners. Especially with toys that are made of porous materials, it’s essential to follow each toy's unique cleaning and care instructions.

6.   Round Two? 

What’s better than nine innings of amazing sex? Extra innings! If you and your partner are keen on seeing how many times you can get it on, going an additional round can be a fun sexual challenge. Keep in mind that both you and your partner will be going through a refractory period post-climax, during which it’s more difficult for your bodies to get revved up again. Women’s refractory period is very short; it usually takes between a few seconds and a few minutes before women can achieve another orgasm. For men, this refractory period can last anywhere between a few minutes and two hours. So plan for some buffer time if you want to go multiple rounds. 

7.   Shower

Now that you’ve gotten dirty, it’s time to get clean. Not only does a shower get you clean after working up a sweat in the bedroom, but it’s also a great opportunity for you and your partner to continue the fun. Whether you’re looking to go another round in the shower or just want to hang out with your partner, taking things from the bedroom to the shower can be intimate and erotic. From kissing and caressing to simply chatting and scrubbing, a nice shower is a great addition to your post-sex routine. And if you don’t have access to a shower, consider using Champ’s Cleansing Body Wipes for a quick post-game clean-up. 

The secret eighth step in this list is…repeat! Regardless of what your post-sex routine looks like, it’s important to be consistent. Especially when it comes to the hygiene-focused steps, keeping a regular after-sex routine will make it even easier for you and your partner to get in the mood. No matter what you try first, remember that practice makes perfect. So get out there and practice.