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9 Sex Positions You’ve Got To Try

9 Sex Positions You’ve Got To Try

by Team Champ - June 01, 2023

Looking to add some new moves to your sexual repertoire? If so, welcome and kudos to you; trying out a new sex position or two helps keep things fun and spontaneous in the bedroom. And luckily, there’s no shortage of novel positions to try. Let’s dive in and look at some must-try sex positions. 

1. The Wall

This position tends to show up in particularly steamy movie sex scenes, but you don’t need to be a stuntman to get this position right. To try out this move, hold your partner up so that their back is pressed against a wall. To get a firm hold, try holding your partner up by their upper thighs. The combination of a firm grip and the wall helps keep both of you upright and stable in this position.  

When it comes to the wall, gravity is your friend. You can achieve deep penetration in this position regardless of your size, with full control over the speed and intensity of each move. 

2. The Corkscrew 

Given its relative ease, many people may have already tried this position without even realizing it. To perform the corkscrew, have your partner lie down on their side near the edge of the bed with their back facing you; this pose resembles someone sliding into second base. From this angle, you can stand next to the bed and enter your partner from behind. 

While this position is comfortable, it doesn’t under deliver when it comes to pleasure. Since your partner’s legs are tightly stacked together, sex can feel even more intense. Just make sure that the bed or surface your partner is lying on is high enough for easy access. 

3. The G-Whiz

As its name suggests, the G-whiz is an awesome move for stimulating the G-spot. To try out this position, kneel down on the floor and have your partner lie on their back in bed with their legs up over your shoulders. From there, your partner can position their pelvis onto your lap. This makes it easy to control the speed and intensity of sex by moving up and down on your knees. 

This move allows for more direct and intense stimulation of the G-spot. That’s because your partner’s legs are elevated and their pelvis is tilted upward. 

4. Elevated Missionary 

It’s hard to go wrong with missionary, but what if we put a spin on it? For this position, wedge a pillow underneath your partner’s butt as they lie on their back so that their pelvis is elevated. You can use as many pillows as desired to achieve the perfect angle. This allows you to either kneel down over them or stand to enter your partner. If you’re standing, have your partner scoot up to the edge of the bed for easier access. 

Elevated missionary is a great option for those who want to ease into the world of adventurous sex positions. It also acts as a fantastic transition move, allowing you and your partner to flip, pivot, and twist into tons of other fun positions.  

5. The Wheelbarrow

Time for some light acrobatics. If you’re looking to have fun with your partner and don’t mind a little trial and error, then you’ve got to try the wheelbarrow. Have your partner brace themselves on their hands and feet with their butt sticking up towards you. Then, lift them up by their pelvis so that they can lift and wrap their legs around your pelvis for support. From this angle, you can start thrusting. 

The downward angle of this position makes it excellent for deep penetration, no matter the size of your equipment. Plus, it can be done with your partner resting on a bed or chair if their arms need a break. 

6. The Butter Churner 

Up for a challenge? If you’re looking to try out an extra adventurous position, then the butter churner is for you. To perform this move, have your partner lie on their back with their legs bent back and over their head; their legs and butt should be sticking straight up into the air. From this position, you’re able to stand and squat down to enter your partner, holding their ankles in front of you for extra support. 

Not only is this position visually impressive to pull off, but it can actually help your partner have an even more explosive orgasm. Since their legs are elevated, the extra blood flow to their head can help bring pleasure to a whole new level. 

7. The Amazon

Have you heard of the amazon? And no, we’re not referring to the online store here. To successfully achieve the amazon position, lie on your back and pull your legs up towards your chest. If done right, it should feel like you’re curled up into a ball with your legs slightly spread apart. This allows your penis to stick out from between your legs and gives your partner access to squat down onto you.

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to this position. So it’s completely normal to need a few practice rounds before getting it right. This move also helps switch up the sexual power dynamic, giving your partner full control over the speed and intensity of sex.  

8. The Magic Mountain

This move puts a unique spin on classic doggy style. For this move, have your partner kneel down and lean over a soft, curved surface (a big stack of pillows will do the trick). This will allow your partner’s back to naturally arch in a mountain-like shape. Then, you can rest your knees between theirs, bend forward, and bring your chest up against your partner’s back to enter them. 

This position allows both of your bodies to rest snugly on top of each other, so it’s great for couples who want to maximize skin-to-skin contact during sex. 

9. The Chairman 

Now it’s time to take a seat. To perform the chairman, sit on the edge of the bed or couch with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Your partner can then sit on your lap with their back facing you. From this position, they can easily move up and down to control the rhythm of sex. 

One added perk of this position is that it leaves everyone’s hands free to touch and explore. It’s also a relatively easy move to perform on just about any stable surface, making it a great position for spontaneous sex. Were any of these positions new to you? Have you tried any of them before? Feel free to drop us a line at with your questions, experiences, or suggestions on sex positions you think we should cover. The good news is that there’s a wide world of sex positions just waiting to be explored. No matter how many sex positions you’ve tried, we hope this overview inspires you to get creative and have fun trying out new moves in the bedroom.a