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A Word About Our Safety

A Word About Our Safety

by Team Champ - June 24, 2021

Your safety is our job. Literally. Learn a little more about the safety protocols that go into our products.

  • We partner with the world’s best factories to create condoms and lubes you can rely on
  • All products are made from high-quality materials in FDA & GMP approved and regulated facilities
  • We know where our products come from before you… well, you know…
  • No need to worry about quickly approach expiration dates, our products are sent from production to your doorstep

Our condoms undergo vigorous testing, take a look below at the tests that are conducted to ensure our condoms are of the utmost quality.

Electronic Testing

Electronic testing is the only test performed on every single condom by a manufacturer. A condom is pulled over a metal form called a mandrel. It is then placed into an intense electrical field. Since the condom is made from natural rubber latex, it will not conduct any electricity and therefore no electricity should reach the metal mandrel under the condom. If an electrical current reaches the metal mandrel, it indicates the presence of a break in the condom. Any condom failing this test is automatically discarded.

Dimensional Testing

Dimensional testing is performed on a random sampling of condoms produced within the same batch. The length, width and thickness of the condoms are precisely measured according to published standards. If the samples do not meet the acceptance criteria, the entire batch is discarded.

Air Burst Testing

Condoms must be able to contain a minimum amount of air pressure and volume without breaking. To perform this test, a random sample of condoms within the same batch are filled with air until they pop. The air pressure and amount of air inside the condom are measured at the time the condom breaks. If the test results do not meet established standards, the entire batch is discarded.

Leak Testing

Condoms must be free of weaknesses that could cause them to leak. A random sample of condoms from a production batch is each filled with water. When filled, they are inspected for any evidence of leaks. Condoms that show evidence of leaks (any potential seepage, microdroplets or squirts) are considered failures. Our partner takes this test further to eliminate potential for human error. The water-filled condom is enclosed and placed in an absorbent cloth. If the cloth becomes wet, the condom has a leak. If the condoms do not meet the acceptance criteria, the entire batch is discarded.

Videos provided by Global Protection Corporation.