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How To Have Better Sex While Traveling Abroad

How To Have Better Sex While Traveling Abroad

by Team Champ - January 04, 2024

It’s no secret that traveling can be a thrilling adventure. Whether you’re an avid world-trotter or venturing on your very first long-distance trip, packing appropriately is important for ensuring you’re well-prepared for the journey ahead. But if you’re considering things like the weather while packing, why not consider your sex life? While there’s no shortage of travel guides for all sorts of trips, we’ve noticed an unfortunate lack of information for guys who want to plan a successful sex itinerary abroad. But never fear, we’re here to shed some light on the subject and show you how to pack and prepare for any sexual adventure as you travel the world. 

Know Your Destination

Whether you’re planning to get it on abroad or not, doing your research ahead of time and understanding the location you’re visiting is essential for a successful trip. And if you’re penciling in some sexual adventures along the way, it’s even more important to read up on the cultural norms of the place you’re visiting. Before your trip, spend some time researching how acceptable PDA is in the city you’re visiting. You should also know whether or not sexual health resources are readily available in the area. And don’t forget about protection! Knowing how and where to purchase protection before your trip will help you stay ready for action once you arrive at your destination. Or better yet, Come Prepared® on your trip with condoms from Champ in a convenient and travel-friendly Small Dopp Kit

Find a Local Clinic

To build on our first tip, understanding what sexual health resources are available in the place you’re traveling to is crucial. If you have any concerns or questions about your sexual health while abroad, don't hesitate to visit a local clinic or healthcare facility to get your questions answered. Though a trip to the doctor’s may seem like a chore while you’re on vacation, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially if you don’t know the language of the place you’re visiting, knowing how and where to get the help you need is a task best completed ahead of time. 

Pack for Play (And Safety)

As you stuff the seemingly endless piles of socks and shirts into your suitcase, remember to take a step back and ensure there’s room for some sex health essentials. Especially if you’re traveling with a partner, don’t forget to pack your favorite form of protection, lube, and maybe even a sex toy or two. But if you’re traveling with liquids or sex toys, there are some extremely important rules to follow.  

  • Stick To The 3.4 Fl Oz Rule: If you’re taking lube or massage oil in a carry-on, try to keep them in containers that are 3.4 oz or smaller. This will reduce the likelihood of TSA taking away your precious cargo
  • Do Your Research: Did you know that some countries have restrictions on what kinds of sex toys you can bring? The last thing you’d want is for your favorite sex toys to get confiscated. So when in doubt, be sure to use the TSA’s handy “What Can I Bring” page so that you can travel with confidence
  • Keep It Travel Sized: If at all possible, try to opt for your more compact gear while packing for sex abroad. Not only will this help you pack lite, but making sure your supplies fit into your luggage can help avoid clutter, disorganization, and even potential damage. Speaking of organized packing, storage solutions like Champ’s Small Dopp Kit provide an easy and portable way to store your sexual supplies while on the go
  • Stay Confident: We know it can feel embarrassing to have your supplies discovered by a TSA agent. If this ever happens to you, remember that you packed them for a reason. While it can be tough, do your best to own it and remember that the same thing has probably happened to way more people than you’d think
  • Know Your Equipment: If you’re traveling long distances via car or plane, make sure you read up on how to properly store things like condoms and lube. Items like condoms can actually degrade if kept in overly hot or sun-exposed environments, while bottles have a tendency to leak when exposed to high altitudes during air travel. So before you embark on your next adventure, be sure that you have a solid grasp on how to pack, store, and care for your gear

Stay Open to Adventure

While planning is important for any trip, try not to get too wrapped up in the details. Instead, do your best to keep yourself open and avoid getting consumed by expectations. Besides, the ability to jump into the unknown is what makes adventure fun. So whether you’re traveling with a partner or not, make sure you’re having a good time first and foremost. For solo travelers, you may meet a new friend, have a few dates, or enjoy a quick fling. But don’t limit yourself to one narrow idea of sexual success. Whether you go all the way with someone new or not, making sure that both of you are having a fun time is the most important thing.

The same can be said even if you’re traveling with a partner. Staying open to adventure can enhance feelings of intimacy and closeness. And if you and your partner are enjoying a vacation away from your kids or families, take this opportunity to reconnect both emotionally and physically. Whether it’s a romantic date or a night on the town, plan out some fun activities to get your blood pumping both in and out of the bedroom. 

When it comes to having better, safer sex abroad, being prepared is the name of the game. To pack like a champ, you’ve got to have a solid understanding of your destination and your sexual supplies. It’s also important to keep fun at the forefront. The excitement and distraction of being somewhere new can make it easy for some people to put their sexual adventures on the back burner. But we say that great sex can always be a welcomed addition to any travel itinerary. So here’s to keeping it safe and fun on your next adventure!