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Letting Go of the Sex Toy Stigma

Letting Go of the Sex Toy Stigma

by Team Champ - October 12, 2022

This one goes out to every guy who’s ever felt confused, anxious, and even a little intimidated about introducing sex toys or sensual massagers into the bedroom. If you’re worried that using sex toys means your penis isn’t big enough or that your stamina isn’t up to par, you’re not alone. But the truth is that sex toys are your friend, not foe.

Long gone are the days of inaccessibility when it comes to information on pleasurable, healthy sex. And sex toys offer a fantastic option for making your sex life even sexier. Come with us as we bust some of the biggest myths and stigmas surrounding sex toys. 

Myth 1: Only Bored People Use Sex Toys

To this myth, we say…huh? If there’s any word to describe sex toys, “boring” isn’t it. Whether you’re enjoying solo or partnered play, sex toys can add a whole new dimension of excitement and pleasure to your sex life. Introducing sex toys into the bedroom is not an indication that your sex life is boring without them. This limiting view isn’t in the best interest of fun, pleasurable sexual experiences. 

Sex toys can often be used as a convenient scapegoat for people who have boring or unfulfilling sexual relationships with themselves or others. If you’re feeling this way, odds are that something else is at the root of a dissatisfying sex life. Just as sex toys can’t single-handedly make sex boring, they also aren’t a cure-all for a stagnant sexual relationship. Instead, think of them as tools that bring some added buzz to your sex life. 

Myth 2: Sex Toys Are Emasculating

This one’s an oldie, but not much of a goodie. We understand that society has historically put immense pressure on men to provide everything their partners could ever need or want in the bedroom. Needless to say that these expectations are way too much to put on one person. That’s why it’s important for the modern-day man to remember that part of what makes someone good at sex is communication and openness. Without those two things, having the adventurous sex life of your wildest wet dreams can be difficult.

The simple truth is that sex toys aren’t emasculating. Remember that it’s all about the player holding the equipment rather than the item itself. Sex toys tend to have one general use—vibrating, gyrating, and so on. But these toys cannot kiss, stroke, or hold your partner the way you can. Think of sex toys as tools in your pleasure arsenal. Besides, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks any less of you after experiencing mind-blowing pleasure from a partner who knows how to use sex toys. 

Myth 3: Sex Toys Are Only for Single Folks

The more, the merrier! While sex toys can certainly bring a lot of pleasure and fun to solo play, sex toys can be an absolute game-changer for partnered sex. With such a huge variety of sex toys out there, you’re sure to find something special to up the pleasure for both you and your partner. In addition to women-focused sex toys like vibrators, there are many sex toys geared towards men or mutual pleasure. 

Here are just some of the sex toy types that can be used for coupled and solo play. Toys like fleshlights, vibrating masterbators, and cock rings are an accessible way to ease into sex toy use for men. If you’re looking to pleasure a woman, try out a vibrator that targets the g-spot or clitoris. For simultaneous pleasure between you and your partner, certain internal vibrators can be used during penetrative sex. All in all, when it comes to sex toys, three is certainly not a crowd. 

Myth 4: Something’s Wrong if You Need Sex Toys To Get Off

This myth gets a resounding, no. Every person is different, and their bodies respond to sex and pleasure in varying ways. A wide range of factors including physical anatomy, medication use, age, and health issues can impact your ability to experience pleasure. So if you need some additional help reaching orgasm, that’s not your fault at all. 

Plus, the more we accept and understand our individual bodies, the better we can communicate our needs and wants to our partners. Everyone is entitled to their own pleasure. So don’t be afraid to admit if you need an extra boost to reach climax. In these cases, sex toys can provide the extra help you need to take your pleasure to new heights. 

Myth 5: Talking About Sex Toys Is Shameful

As is the case with other sexual themes, we know many people feel embarrassment or shame when it comes to asking questions or talking about sex toys. While everyone has their own personal limits and boundaries around what they do or don’t discuss when it comes to sex, it’s important to know that talking about sex toys isn’t inherently shameful. Remember that sex toys are tools that can enhance your sex life, and that many other people use them as well. If you were waiting for a sign to cast off the shame and start experimenting with sex toys, this is that sign. 

Communication is at the heart of game-changing sex. So, if experimenting with sex toys is something you’re interested in, starting an open and honest conversation with your partner is always encouraged. Remember, you and your partner’s pleasure is what it’s all about. So if you think that sex toys will help you have a more fulfilling sex life, we hope you’ll overcome the fear and start a conversation.

When it comes to sex toys, the conversation is definitely changing. As the world becomes more open about healthy sex and pleasure, more and more people are experimenting with sex toys. We say this is a win for people everywhere. Not only will this help increase intimacy and pleasure between partners, but it’ll also help people foster a more pleasurable sexual relationship with themselves. So regardless of which sex toys you prefer to start experimenting with, we hope you and your partner have a fun and sexy time exploring the world of sex toys.