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The Masturbation Bucket List: 7 Tips for Guys

The Masturbation Bucket List: 7 Tips for Guys

by Team Champ - February 20, 2023

Odds are, you probably already have a few tried and true techniques for playing it solo. But what if we told you there’s a whole new world of self-pleasure out there just waiting to be explored? When it comes to masturbation, you don’t have to settle for the same old routine every time. Join us to discover some of the best tips and tricks for next-level masturbation. 

Why Masturbation Matters

In case anyone out there is doubting the value of a good solo session, let’s recap some of the top reasons why masturbation is a healthy habit for your mind and body. According to Healthline, some of the benefits of masturbation include relaxation, improved mood, and boosted self-esteem. Men’s Health also notes that masturbation can help increase your immunity and even lower your risk of prostate cancer. All in all, science says that masturbation is a great habit that fits nicely into a healthy lifestyle. We know, what a chore. But we believe in you. Here’s to taking one for the team and playing it solo more often. 
As with any part of your sex life, balance is key. If the intensity or frequency of masturbation is getting in the way of your day-to-day life, there’s no shame in asking for help. If your masturbation habits are disrupting your life, reach out to your healthcare provider. 

Top Masturbation Tips To Try

1. Explore Your Body

It’s your body, so get to know it! When it comes to masturbation, society tends to tell men that the only way to do it right is with some lotion and a night alone. But we say that’s not your only option. You have a whole body to explore, so don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your next masturbation session. For example, you could try stroking your inner thighs, nipples, hair, testicles, neck, or chest to see how the sensation adds to your pleasure. If temperature play is more your style, try running an ice cube along your erogenous zones for more intense sensations. 

2. Get Handsy

The power of mind-blowing masturbation is in the palm of your hand, literally. If you’d like to experience a new sensation, there are plenty of ways to switch things up. For starters, try using your non-dominant hand to masturbate. Since you likely won’t be as adept at masturbating with this hand, you’ll probably need to slow down and be more intentional with your movements. This slower, more mindful pace could help the experience feel new and more exciting. Another way to keep things interesting is by experimenting with different grips. Try tightening or loosening your grip at different points along your shaft to find the pressure pattern that feels best to you. 

3. Give Edging a Try

Have you heard of edging but don’t know how it works? In essence, edging is the art of controlling or delaying orgasm so that you experience the biggest pleasure payoff when you finally climax. This also extends the fun and can help your masturbation sessions last longer. To give edging a try, stop masturbating right as you approach the tipping point of orgasm and wait a few minutes before starting up again. Then, repeat this process until you want to climax. As an added benefit, edging could also help those who want to increase their sexual stamina during partnered play.  

4. Take Things Slow

Here’s your official reminder to take things slow and enjoy masturbation fully. We’re not knocking the value of a good quickie, but it’s also important to take your time every now and then. Part of enhancing your masturbation experience is being present and mindful of what you’re feeling. What feels good? What feels even better? Does a looser or tighter grip feel best? At what point in your session do specific sensations heighten? These are all important things to consider when you’re testing out new masturbation techniques. You may not get the most out of your solo play experimentation without this element of mindfulness, so remember to be present for your pleasure. 
To keep your prolonged masturbation session comfortable, it’s important to have quality lube by your side. For a toy-friendly lube, try Champ’s water-based lube for a silky smooth experience. To extend the fun with hand play, Champ’s silicone-based lube brings long-lasting slip to the party.  

5. Find Your Prostate

Regardless of your sexual orientation, it’s important for all guys to be aware of their prostate and the awesome pleasure possibilities it brings. After all, the prostate is commonly called the “male g-spot” for a reason. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and rectum. To find it on your own, insert a lubricated finger about two inches into your rectum and curve your finger upward towards your belly button. Medical News Today mentions that there are two main possible explanations for why the prostate provides pleasure. The first notion says that orgasm can activate the prostatic plexus nerves, which are connected to the penis, urethra, and prostate. The second idea proposes that the brain comes to associate the prostate with pleasure over time through repeated stimulation. 
Science aside, the prostate is definitely worth exploring. You can do this with your own lubricated finger, prostate massagers, or other anal toys. For beginners, we recommend using your thinnest finger to start. Once you find your prostate, wiggle your finger to stimulate it as you masturbate and explore the sensations it brings.

6. Incorporate Toys

When it comes to masturbation, there are plenty of toys you can use to complement or enhance your pleasure. We’re aware of the age-old stigma surrounding sex toys for men, but we say that stigma has no place in the modern-day man’s sex life. Your relationship with sex and pleasure is entirely your own, so we hope you feel empowered to use sex toys if (and how) you wish. Toys like fleshlights, prostate massagers, butt plugs, and hands-free masturbators are all great options to try if you’re looking to up your solo play game. Each of these toys provides a new experience, and some even feature different textures and materials for varying sensations. For example, some insertion-focused toys are made of glass and can be refrigerated for a pleasurable cooling feeling. Others have silicone bumps or ridges that create unique sensations. 

7. Crank It on the Regular

If you want to learn new masturbation techniques, practice makes perfect. How often people masturbate varies with each individual and there’s no one “right” level of frequency. As long as masturbation isn’t interfering with your health or daily life, you may have room to explore even more. Enjoying solo sessions on the regular will also give you a chance to test out new techniques and toys more frequently, helping your masturbation routine become even more pleasurable. So long as your routine helps you feel more fulfilled in your sex life, we encourage you to keep exploring and deepening your relationship with pleasure.

And if you're looking for some lube to make your session a little more enjoyable, check out Champ’s water-based lube and Champ’s silicone-based lube.