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Where (& How) to Buy Condoms

Where (& How) to Buy Condoms

by Team Champ - June 07, 2024

Nowadays, you can buy almost anything with just a few clicks. But this convenience can also leave people feeling a sense of choice overload. With millions of options at your fingertips, it’s easy to default to your tried and true methods of buying products. However, we invite you to pause and consider all the different choices you have for how and where to spend your hard-earned money—especially when it comes to sexual health products. If you’re one of the millions of people out there who have felt confused and overwhelmed about where to find and purchase the right condoms and other sexual health products for you, you’re in the right place. Let’s walk through some ways you can cut through the noise and find the right sexual health products for you. 

First, Know What You’re Looking For

To find your next favorite type of condom, it’s good to think through what it is you’re looking for. Granted, asking ultra-deep questions might not be necessary if you’re just casually looking to try a new type of condom. However, these thought starters can help you be more mindful about the types of condoms you choose to try.

  • What have I liked (and not liked) about similar condoms in the past? (E.g., Fit, quality, etc.)
  • What types of brands or businesses do I want to support or try?
  • Are there any new condom materials or types I’d want to try? What do I know about them?
  • Should I experiment with different condom textures or flavors?
  • What type of buying experience do I want when purchasing this product? Would I rather buy the condom online or at an in-person store?

Understand Your Options

Especially when it comes to condoms, being familiar with your options is key. However, this is where choice overload often sets in. If you’ve ever stood in front of a drugstore shelf full of condoms, you’ve probably asked yourself something like, “Uhh…which should I choose?” The seemingly endless amount of promises being shouted at you from technicolor packages and labels can make it difficult to feel confident in your purchase, leaving you with a sense of FOMO. But don’t worry! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by compiling some of the most common types of condoms.

  • Ribbed: Also sometimes called textured condoms, ribbed condoms come with a series of raised ridges that can yield more intense sensations
  • Ultra-Thin: For a closer feel, many people opt for ultra-thin condoms. These allow you to enjoy the feeling of thinner latex without compromising on quality or safety
  • Studded: As another member of the textured condom family, studded condoms feature raised bumps, instead of ridges, to offer pleasurable friction and a unique sensation
  • Flavored: These condoms are usually covered in a flavored lubricant which masks the unpleasant taste of latex. This is an option for people who want to add something new to oral sex
  • Internal: Also known as “female condoms,” internal condoms are inserted into the receiving partner instead of being worn on the penis
  • Long-Lasting: Those who want to delay orgasm or last longer may try these types of condoms. They are often thicker than other condoms or come coated in an anesthetic like lidocaine or benzocaine in order to reduce sensation
  • Non-Latex: For those with latex allergies, non-latex condoms provide an excellent alternative. While each type of condom material has its pro's and con's, most non-latex versions are made from either polyurethane, polyisoprene, or lambskin. Make sure you understand the differences, especially when it comes to lambskin condoms, they have pores and are less effective in protecting against STIs

Online vs. In-Person Shopping 

Now that you know what the options are out there, you can consider where you prefer buying your condoms, lubes, toys, etc. Condoms can be bought both in person or online from drugstores, sex shops, and other specialty stores. There are some benefits and disadvantages that come with shopping online or in person. So, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why you might choose either option. 


It’s hard to deny the convenience of online shopping when it comes to comparing options and finding out about new brands. With the click of a button, you can find out about new and exciting companies you might want to support, or a totally different condom type you may have never heard of before. Plus, many online retailers make condom shopping a breeze with a smooth checkout experience and easy reorder programs. Buying online also gives you the power to research the brand, product, and its ingredients in greater detail.

Here at Champ, we put customers in the driver’s seat by providing them with high-quality options, free of gimmicks. Our ultimate goal is to provide people with premium condoms that they actually want to use. Rather than having to sift through an endless stream of options, Champ’s lineup is intentionally designed to feature the condoms that most people look for, we only offer ultra-thin, ribbed, and XL condoms. 


We’ve all been there—you’re in the heat of the moment only to realize you’ve run out of condoms. This is where the benefit of in-person stores comes in. Just about every local convenience store carries condoms and even other sexual health products. You can also find a wide array of condoms at sex shops that sell all types of gear. However, we know that most people feel some level of judgment or shame buying condoms in-person. If you’re one of these folks, you’re not alone. Many guys feel anxious about rolling up to the cash register with a fresh box of condoms displayed for the world to see. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of; buying condoms is perfectly normal! The more secure you feel in yourself, the less you’ll care about what others may think and the more confident you’ll be making those in-store purchases. 

Remember there are no age restrictions when it comes to buying condoms in the US. So just relax the next time you walk into your local drug store to buy some, know that you will not be carded or questioned about your age by the cashier. If they do ask, remember that the cashier cannot legally refuse to sell you condoms if you decide not to provide your ID. Check out our post about who can buy condoms.

We hope this has given you a better understanding of where you can buy condoms, as well as how to make more intentional purchases. Ultimately, the beauty of it all is that we have choices. Depending on the circumstance or need, we have fairly open access to condoms and sexual health products. While this access can feel overwhelming at times, it’s important to remember that you’re in control and that making intentional purchases can give you an enduring sense of confidence within your sex life and beyond.