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XL Condoms XL Condoms XL Condoms
XL Condoms XL Condoms XL Condoms

XL Condoms

Green Flourish
  • Larger for Extra Comfort Larger for Extra Comfort
  • Natural Latex Natural Latex
  • Fragrance and Paraben-Free Fragrance and Paraben-Free

Playing with bigger equipment? Our Slugger-Fit XL condom offers additional length and width compared to our classic fit condoms, with the same 100% natural latex and medical-grade silicone lubrication we’re famous for.

Produced by the world’s top condom manufacturer with body-safe ingredients, every XL condom is electronically tested for safety to ensure protection against pregnancy, HIV, and STIs.

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Every Champ condom is produced and electronically tested for safety and efficacy by a world-class manufacturer.

  • Details & Ingredients

    What’s Inside: Natural latex, medical-grade silicone oil, cornstarch, and magnesium carbonate.

    What Isn't: Casein, spermicide, glycerin, parabens, BPA, fragrances, flavors, gluten.

  • How to Use

    To get the most protection from a latex condom, use one correctly every time you have sex. Store at room temperature in a dark, dry place. Avoid excessive heat. Check the expiration date on the condom wrapper. Do not use expired condoms. Do not open condom packages with scissors or teeth.

A better way to do it.

Here's how we're changing the game.

Premium ingredients

We partner with the world's best factories to create condoms and lubes you can rely on.

Free of parabens, casein, and BPA

Our premium condoms and lubricants are designed to enhance your experience and maximize pleasure for you and your partner.

Privacy and convenience

Condoms to reduce the chance of pregnancy, HIV, and STIs. Medical-grade lubricant to safely increase pleasure.

Save time and money

Privacy & Convenience
No awkward in-person experiences for you. We deliver discreetly to save you time and $$$.

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