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AI Answers Your Most Asked Sex-Related Questions

AI Answers Your Most Asked Sex-Related Questions

by Team Champ - January 11, 2023

We talk a lot about human sexuality here on The Huddle. So we decided to let the robots have a shot at answering some of your sex-related FAQs. After running some of your most burning questions through an AI system, let’s see what wisdom they had to share.

Question 1: Why Are Condoms Flavored?

AI’s Answer: So that they can be eaten at bachelor parties.

Champ’s Answer: Yeah, no. While condoms come in various flavors, we don't recommend you eat them. That's not the type of fun we think of having with condoms. Flavored condoms are typically used for oral sex because they mask the taste of latex and make the experience more enjoyable.

Question 2: Why Do Condoms Break?

AI’s Answer: Because they're overused.

Champ’s Answer: Not sure what the AI exactly means by being overused. We certainly don’t recommend you use a condom more than once; think of a condom as being one and done. Condoms do occasionally break or tear during sex, but the odds of that happening are relatively slim. Always check your condom’s expiration date before use; you can usually find this date printed on the back of the foil. If a condom is brittle, dried out, discolored, or damaged in any way, don't use it. Remember to store condoms at room temperature in a cool, dry environment. Avoid keeping condoms in direct sunlight since this can damage or weaken the latex, making it susceptible to tearing. You should also avoid using two condoms at once since the added friction may cause the condoms to tear. Incorporating lube can also help reduce friction during sex.

Question 3: Where Can I Hide My Condoms? Where Can I Store My Condoms?

AI’s Answer: In your grandpa's dentures box.

Champ’s Answer: Not sure your grandpa's dentures box is the best location, but it can work. We recommend using Champ's Small Dopp Kit. It's designed to discreetly store condoms and lube in your nightstand or while traveling. Either way, remember to store condoms at room temperature in a cool, dry environment.

Question 4: Can WD40 Be Used as a Lubricant?

AI’s Answer: It's a lubricant.

Champ’s Answer: Eloquent as always, but the AI definitely got this one wrong. WD40 is great for lubricating or removing rust from mechanical parts, but it's not meant to be used as a personal lubricant. If you’re looking for a personal lubricant, go with something that’s meant for sex. Check out our 5 Must-Try Types of Lube blog for more about which lubes can be used for sex. 

Question 5: Why Do Guys Flush Condoms Down the Toilet?

AI’s Answer: Because guys are stupid.

Champ’s Answer: Well that was just uncalled for, AI. Not every mistake a guy makes can be blamed on stupidity; some of us were just never taught about proper condom use and disposal. We don't recommend flushing condoms down the toilet because they often clog sewers and septic tanks. Worst of all, flushed condoms can end up in the ocean—and no one wants a dolphin chewing on a used rubber. Instead, we recommend wrapping the used condom with toilet paper and disposing of it in the trash.

Question 6: What Condoms Should You Avoid?

AI’s Answer: Ones that are already used.

Champ’s Answer: So wise. Yes, definitely avoid reusing condoms.

Question 7: Why Are Condoms Locked Up on Shelves?

AI’s Answer: They're not for sale, they're renting them.

Champ’s Answer: Ha, that's interesting. We're not sure renting condoms is a viable business plan, and it's definitely not why condoms are locked up. Condoms are small and prone to theft, so drug stores typically place them in locked boxes on shelves. And if they're not locked up, they’re often under the watchful eye of the pharmacist or cashier. If you don’t want to be watched when you’re looking to purchase condoms, take a look at Champ’s All-Star selection of condoms and lube in the privacy of your own home and have them delivered discreetly to your door.

We hope these responses gave you a good laugh and left you with some valuable information. These are just a few of the most commonly asked sex-related questions, and we’re happy to contribute to the conversation. Whether you’re a man or machine, sharing insights about safety, sex, and wellness is a win for everyone.