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Foreplay That Leads To More Play

Foreplay That Leads To More Play

by Team Champ - January 30, 2023

To perform at your best in the bedroom, it’s important to master the art of foreplay to ensure you and your partner have the most pleasurable time possible. But foreplay isn’t just a box to check before moving on to penetration. When done right, foreplay can be just as pleasurable as other forms of sex. In fact, you’ll know your foreplay game is strong when neither you nor your partner wants it to end.

Whether you’re looking to take your foreplay skills to the next level or just want to learn more about it, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out how foreplay can take your sex life to new heights. 

Let’s Talk Foreplay

So…what exactly is foreplay? Just as there’s no all-encompassing definition for what sex is, foreplay can look different in every sexual relationship. At its core, foreplay is sexual activity that happens before the main event of your sexual encounter. Since not all sex leads to penetration, foreplay isn’t limited by whether or not intercourse is involved. Instead, this flexible view of foreplay opens the door open for new and exciting possibilities. Think of foreplay as an opportunity to try something new with your partner. With this mindset, you may just surprise yourself and introduce something novel into your sex life. 

Why Does Foreplay Matter?

For both men and women, foreplay matters a lot. Why? Sexual arousal and stimulation are just as mental as they are physical, and foreplay allows you to experience the slow build-up of sexual tension and anticipation. Foreplay helps warm up the mind and body for sex, so think of it as a fun warm-up before the main event. Mentally, foreplay allows you to feel closer and more intimate with your partner. When it comes to the physical side of things, foreplay causes several physiological changes in the body. According to Healthline, some of the physical responses caused by foreplay include increased heart rate, dilated blood vessels, and self-lubrication. 

Fun Foreplay Ideas To Try

Playing the Long Game

When it comes to foreplay, it’s all about building anticipation and slowly dialing up the heat. If you’re looking for a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom, try extending the duration of your typical foreplay session. You and your partner could try sneaking in flirtation and fun throughout the day, gradually becoming more sexual. This could be done with quick make-out sessions which then turn into occasional hand-play throughout the day. From there, the fun can progress naturally. If intercourse is your goal, this method will have you and your partner revved up with anticipation that had built up over the entire day.

Experimenting With New Sensations 

At its core, sex is a sensory experience. So it makes sense that experimenting with new sensations in bed is one way to expand your sexual horizons. You could try out a new warming or cooling lubricant, or maybe have some fun with sensation-enhancing massage oils for extra-sensual foreplay. Taste is also a great sensation to experiment with. Playing around with flavored lubricants, and even certain foods like whipped cream can be a delicious way to explore your partner’s body and turn up the heat before sex. 

However, when it comes to flavored lubricants and foods containing sugar, you should avoid using them internally as they can cause infections. Check out our post on must-try lubricants to learn more about the pros and cons of different types of lube.


Let’s not forget about the power of a good dirty text to a partner you trust. Sexting is an accessible way to spice things up long before you enter the bedroom. With just your phone, the power to initiate virtual foreplay is in the palm of your hand. This method of extending foreplay is especially convenient for those who are out of the house on most days or otherwise spend a lot of time away from their partners. So don’t let distance stop you from initiating a sexy exchange with a trusted partner.

Plus, the world of sexting is far broader than eggplant emojis and nudes. You can customize your sexting experience to align with what you and your partner find exciting. For example, maybe talking about the game plan for the night ahead will help heat things up. You could also try discussing new positions, toys, or techniques you can’t wait to try on each other. The name of the game with sexting is build-up, so don’t be afraid to take sexting as an opportunity to lean into the anticipation. Not knowing what your partner will say or when you’ll get a reply means that your mind will be on them all day. Needless to say, this makes sexting a fantastic option for those who want to make foreplay last longer and build sexual tension. 

Before you start sexting with your partner, it’s a good idea to make sure your partner is open to it – the last thing you want to do is to send an unwanted text or picture.

Role Playing as Strangers 

A huge part of pleasure and foreplay is mental, so one way to make things especially exciting is to play pretend with your partner. For example, you could meet your partner at a bar and approach them as if they’re a stranger. From there, the night can progress with exciting spontaneity as you build the sexual tension before taking them home. The great part about this method is that it can be customized to fit you and your partner’s fantasies. Whether you’re role playing as someone new, it can make for some especially sexy foreplay. 

While the mood doesn’t always call for extended foreplay, it can be a great way to add extra pleasure to your experience with your partner. Whether you’re aiming to get it on for hours or looking for a quickie, part of making the most out of foreplay is being mindful of you and your partner’s pleasure. This can help you better understand what turns you both on, which can lead to even better sex. Plus, taking the time to think about foreplay gives you the opportunity to get creative and wow your partner with exciting ways to experience mind-blowing sex and even more pleasure.