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How To Pack Your College Sex Kit

How To Pack Your College Sex Kit

by Team Champ - October 16, 2023

Is this your first year in college? By now, you’re probably familiar with the stress of shopping for the dozens of new text books, materials, and other supplies you’ll need for this semester. And if you’re living the dorm life, you may need to add a couple of kitchen and bathroom items to the shopping list. But office supplies and home goods aren’t the only things you’ll need for a smooth transition into college life. 

Having the right sex-related supplies is an often overlooked (but very important) part of college preparedness. After all, college is stressful enough. So making sure your bedside table is stocked and ready for solo or partnered play means you have one less thing to worry about. But where do you start? Join us to see how you can customize your college sex kit with ease. 

What Is a College Sex Kit?

When you think about a college sex kit, what comes to mind? Do you picture a drawer full of random condoms or a questionable assortment of lotion bottles? Well, a haphazard assortment of lube and condoms doesn’t exactly make for a stellar sex kit. Remember, all-stars need reliable gear. That’s why educating yourself and understanding what you want out of your supplies can help set you up for success in the sex department. Let’s start off with somewhere to store your supplies. Consider Champ’s Small Dopp Kit, which provides a compact, discreet, and travel-friendly option for storing your supplies. But what should you put in these kits? Let’s break down some of the basics you should consider when building your own college sex kit. 


We can’t talk about sex supplies without talking about condoms. Not only are condoms easy to store in small dorm environments, but they’re usually easily accessible. In fact, many colleges and universities hand out condoms for free. But if you’re interested in having some delivered discreetly to your door, check out Champ's section. With so many options, you’d have easy access to an assortment of condoms year-round to keep your sex kit stocked with protection. 

Condoms are an essential part of safe sex overall, but especially in a college environment. The people around you will likely be exploring their sexuality and newfound independence, just like you. This means that doing everything in your power to prevent the spread of STDs and STIs is essential for your own health and the safety of your partners. We know that it can be tempting to forget about condoms in the heat of the moment. But in order to navigate your college sex life with true confidence, you need to stay in control of your sexual health. So if you ever feel internal or external pressure to forego condoms and skip straight to the action, remember that your safety is more important than a spur-of-the-moment whim. A good sexual partner will never pressure you or make you feel bad about using a condom. So we hope you feel empowered to prioritize health and safety by standing firmly and confidently in your boundaries. 


Good quality lube can be the secret weapon for next-level sex. Whether you’re playing it solo or with a partner, having lube on hand can help make sex and masturbation more pleasurable. Lube is extremely versatile - depending on the particular lube and its ingredients, it can be used to spice up oral, vaginal, and anal sex. It can also reduce any uncomfortable friction caused by dry masturbation. Plus, certain lubes (like water-based lube) are compatible with most sex toys, maximizing comfort and pleasure. Just be sure to read up on your particular lube and make sure it’s compatible with your condoms or sex toys. If not, you run the risk of damaging or degrading the surface of the sex toy or condom, making them unsafe to use. 

But you don’t need a cupboard full of different types of lube in order to elevate your game. While exploring the different types of lube out there is certainly fun, investing in a high-quality go-to lubricant is a great first step. If you’re deciding on which type of lube to take with you to college, we suggest packing a water-based lubricant. Options like Champ’s Water-Based Lubricant are compatible with most condoms or sex toys, and provide smooth slip for more comfortable sex. 


Regardless of your sexual orientation, sex toys open up a whole new world of pleasurable possibilities. And when it comes to packing the perfect gear, toys can up your college sex kit game. While myths and stigmas surrounding sex toys still exist, college is a fantastic opportunity to branch out and be part of the growing conversation around pleasure and sexual expression. College can provide a new pool of potential sexual partners, and it’s likely that you’ll find partners who share a similar level of sexual confidence and adventure. So as you’re putting together your go-to sex kit, remember all of the buzzing, vibrating, and gyrating pleasure sex toys can provide. 

Health & Communication 

Any medicines and treatments you take is a must in your college sex kit. Whether you’re taking medicine due to a preexisting condition or as a preventative measure, making sure you have everything you need to maintain your sexual health is crucial. And speaking of health, the tool of communication is an unskippable part of preparing for your college sex life. While it’s not a tangible item you can store in your dorm room, the ability to communicate will be the gift that keeps on giving through college and beyond. Especially when it comes to health, being able to talk to your partners about safer sex practices, consent, and testing is necessary for a truly fulfilling, diverse, and active sex life. With that in mind, you can spend more time enjoying sex, and less time second-guessing.  

Speaking of health, many colleges have testing services available to make sure you stay in the know about your sexual health. Of course, if you’re looking for another testing option, visit your doctor or check out our friends over at Wisp for an at-home option. 

Use, Replace, & Maintain

We know that keeping tabs on what’s in your bedside drawer is an easy chore to forget. After all, a sex kit isn’t something most people have out in the open for roommates to see. Since sex supplies are often kept out of sight, they’re easy to keep out of mind. But neglecting to store, use, and maintain your gear correctly can put a major damper on your sex life. No one wants to reach into their drawer only to realize they’re out of (non-expired) condoms or lube. Not to mention the disappointment of picking up a go-to sex toy only to find that it’s out of juice or dirty. 

Needless to say, it’s not great when a steamy moment has to be interrupted by a trip to a convenience store. So even though keeping your stash in tip-top shape may feel tedious at the time, your sex life will thank you in the end. For all the details on how to properly use and store condoms, check out our go-to guide on condom care

Preparing for college can be hectic, but it’s sure to be a memorable time you’ll look back on for years to come. To help ease some of the stress and overwhelm that comes with entering college and dorm life for the first time, do yourself a favor and dedicate some time to putting your college sex kit together. We hope this guide gives you one less thing to worry about and sets you up for an unforgettable college sex life.